IN1 Social Media Platform

Overwhelmed with social saturation? We want to fix that. Founded in 2012, In1 is a startup bringing together content sharing, discovery and engagement in one platform. In1 is a visual content platform that enables you to:

  1. Unify A single social channel for brands to combine and target multiple social feeds
  2. Share Easy, simultaneous content sharing across multiple social networks
  3. Discover Access to the best content from blogs, RSS feeds and social networks

For People

The social Web is a cycle of discovery and sharing. We engage users by making it addictively fun to discover and organize content based on interests. In1 aggregates and disseminates resource content from all over the Web including, images, Websites, screenshots, RSS feeds, blog posts, and social status updates. All resources are standardized into a saveable, shareable microformats. We mean open standards such as RDF, OpenGraph and Schema.org. This makes it easy for you to find, post, remember or organize your favorite content. Take action by saving, replying, voting and re-sharing content.

For Brands

The most successful brands keep it simple. In1 helps companies, brands and events and to simply their social branding. One place for access, one place for discovery, and one place for sharing. Instead of promoting separate Website and social media URL's, brands get promoted on one easy to remember in1.com/{yourbrand} URL. In1 also provides tools that enable one-click sharing. Instead of logging on to each site to distribute content, you can simply use in1 to create a post that will be distributed to multiple social networking sites. Using , brands can leverage the interest graph. Share consistent messages the target consumers based on tags of interest. Make your content actionable so that users discover, organize and re-share it.

Broad Integration

In one is a super social platform, connected to 1000's of social channels.


and More being added


and 1000s of RSS feeds

Suggest a feed or API for inclusion.

And, It's Free

While we're in beta in1.com is free. We offer some unique features like Web screenshot sharing, a powerful bookmarklet, and public (or private) content collections.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about In1. Drop us a line if you have any comments, or would like to get in touch.

Why Unify Your Brand IN1?

It's really hard to keep up with the social presence of brands these days. It's interesting to see the collection of social networks that various brands have committed too.

Think of the money that is spent by companies that need to re-print their marketing material just to add the new social flavor-of-the-day. Imagine printing your Pinterest URL on 1000's of catalog, only to discover that pinning on Pinterest could have major legal implications for your company.

In1 helps organizations unify their social branding. One place for access, one place for discovery, and one place for sharing. In1 is a single access point for all of your social networking Web sites. Instead of disparate URL's for your Website and social media URL's, you can socialize your brand using an easy to remember "in1.com/mybrand" URL.

In1 also provides tools that enable single access sharing. Instead of logging on to each site to distribute content, you can simply use in1 to create a post that will be distributed to multiple social networking sites. In1 leverages the concept of the Interest Graph. Users subscribe to tags of interest, and are then able to discover, organize and share relevant content.

No More Brand Squatting

One good thing about the social Web (Web 2.0) is that is gave brands a second opportunity at brand marketing. Vanity URL's on Facebook/{mypage}, and Twitter/{myscreenname} are just as marketable as any ".com" ever was. While this was not good news for domain name brokers and hoarders, it gave organizations a second chance at brand marketing.

What are Your Social URLs?

  • Web domain (kindamybrand.com)
  • Facebook page (facebook.com/mybrand)
  • Twitter screen name (@my-brand-hyphenated)
  • and LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest..?

If you're smart you've done a namecheck and staked your claim on every possible social URL that could be. But once you publish your social addresses on letterhead, marketing materials, Website bookmarks, sharing buttons, etc.. you're committed.

Manage The Social Flavor-of-the-Day

Social media is here to stay, but staying on top of the "leading" social networks is as volatile as Wall St. in1.com/{yourbrand} is easy to remember. It provides a common access point to your Website, email contact forms, and social profiles. When users bookmark your in1 address they can also easily access your entire online presence. It's a social snapshot. If your company joins or abandons any social network, simply add or remove the social network URL from your in1 profile.

Share, Explore, Discover - IN1

Disseminate content to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other networks. Broadcast your message. Become an influencer.

Follow your interests. Discover great visual, informational and social resources from the Web -- all in1 place. In1 aggregates content from blogs, RSS feeds, social networks and numerous other top sources.

Save and contextualize your favorites. See what others like. Vote, comment, tag or re-syndicate. Leverage your favorites to create collections that tell a story.